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Who am I?

I proudly admit it. I am a woman who reads, writes and revels in romance. I’m no teenybopper but I’m young enough to wear stilettos and notice a pair of muscular thighs. Butterflies make me happy and I love ruined castles – the more remote the better. I carry my country’s flag in my backpack in case I get the urge to wave something other than my finger. People who don’t swear make me nervous and if they also don’t drink I have been known to hyperventilate.

Recently, I was surrounded by mid-life crises so I decided to have one of my own: I gave up my office job to be a stay-at-home-mum, dreamer and writer of romance novels. Notice I did not say cook, which comes as a relief to my family. I am wife to a man who urged me to find my passion and has gone beyond the call of duty to allow me to pursue it. He won’t iron though, but them’s the breaks.

What do I write about?

Flawed people. I love creating them, giving them conflicts and seeing what they do. Everybody makes mistakes, and forgiveness and second chances are among my themes. I write stories about imperfect people doing imperfect things, and those who are destined to love them. Some of my characters are suffering or have suffered. Others are clueless or abrasive, or sometimes lost. But none are whingers or see themselves as victims because then I’d have to kill them off.

Warning: In my novels you won’t find ‘fade to black’ or chaste kisses with the odd, longing look. I write sizzle-your-socks-off graphic nookie because I revel in reading it. Realistic, gritty and sometimes funny sex. Passionate, with the vocabulary to match!

Happy reading.